MCLE Speaker Spotlight: Jane Becker

MCLE Speaker Spotlight: Jane Becker

Tax attorney, Jane Becker, will review how to resolve a decedent’s outstanding tax issues (unfiled and/or unpaid filings) including the non-reporting of offshore assets with an emphasis on doing so as quickly and expeditiously as possible. Jane will also review pre-death and post-death steps that can be taken to minimize income tax to the trust/estate during administration, along with a brief discussion of why the tax provisions in a revocable trust can hurt, or help, ultimate beneficiaries.

Jane Becker has practiced in Santa Cruz since 1986. She represents taxpayers in collections and audit matters, including representation in U.S. Tax Court. She has a niche practice in preparing Forms 706, 709 and 1041 for trusts and estates.

She has served as an officer of the Tax Procedure and Litigation Committee of the California
Bar’s Taxation Section, and serves as Vice-Chair of the CalCPA Santa Cruz Discussion Group. She’s lectured on a wide variety of tax subjects. She currently sits on the Santa Cruz County Bar Association’s Board of Directors (and urges any considering joining, please do. It’s been a great experience).

She gardens and reads Russian history. She also dotes on her two young granddaughters who
are, of course, the most amazing children in the universe.

An historical aside: She was the first women to appear in three North Georgia Superior Courts (Legal Aid, 1976). She has some stories to tell.

Jane is currently a Board Director for SCCBA.

Jane is presenting the MCLE session, “Death and Taxes” on October 12, 2022.