Lawyer Referral Service of Santa Cruz County Bar Association: An interview with attorney Eric J. Nelson

Lawyer Referral Service of Santa Cruz County Bar Association: An interview with attorney Eric J. Nelson

In this series, we will feature stories from attorneys who have participated in our Lawyer Referral Service. Here, Eric J. Nelson shares the significance of LRS to both himself and his practice.

How long have you been with the Lawyer Referral Service?
Since about 2013.

What areas of law do you practice?
Primarily employment law and personal injury.

Please describe a successful case that occurred from your work with the Lawyer Referral Service.
I had a client who came to me through LRS because she was being sued by her landlord. This suit was without merit, it was retaliatory, and meant to pressure my client from seeking their rights under the law. We counter sued. The landlord ended up having to compensate my client. The experience was empowering for my client, so much so they decided to become an attorney.

Why did you join the LRS?
I initially signed up for LRS to get clients. As my practice grew and I was less in need of clients, Icontinued taking LRS referrals because I enjoyed advising and representing clients I was meeting through LRS. While my reasons might change, and no matter how busy I become, I intend to continue as an LRS panelist and contribute to the important benefit they offer the community.

What would you say are the top 3 benefits to you and your business since joining the LRS?
Met clients, expanded my presence in the community, and gained a sense that I am contributing to a greater cause (while making money).

About Eric J. Nelson

Eric John Nelson holds a Philosophy and History degree from the University of Pittsburgh. He was honored as a Public Interest & Social Justice Law Scholar by the Santa Clara Center for Public Interest & Social Justice.

Before establishing his law practice, Eric actively participated in various legal clinics and internships. He contributed to the KGACLC and Worker’s Rights Employment Law Clinic. He gained valuable experience interning at the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia at the Hague, Netherlands.

Since 2012, Eric has been dedicated to successfully representing clients across Santa Cruz, Monterey, Santa Clara, San Francisco, and Alameda County. In addition to his legal practice, he served on the board of directors of the Santa Cruz County Bar Association, most recently as President.