Estate Planning

Brief History of the Santa Cruz County Estate Planning Council
The Santa Cruz County Estate Planning Council was originally formed in the early 90s and was made up a few attorneys, trust officers and insurance persons, all of whom were working in the estate planning area. There were 7 – 10 regular members and they used to meet at various local restaurants, including the DeLaveaga Golf Lodge restaurant.

The early members were Ian McPhail, Bob Brooke, Dennis Book, George Gallucci, Phil Sachs, Mike Corman, Jill Wilson, Al Lambert, Hank Olson, Larry Violante, Wayne Williams, Rick Polse and Larry Russell.

Around 1997, Peter Sanford succeeded to the chair, taking over for Larry Russell. At that time the organizing core was trying to have monthly meetings at the DeLaveaga Restaurant. Notices were sent out by hand with the help of CPA Maureen Fitzpatrick’s office. After a few years, we developed an e-mail list, and now everyone is notified by e-mail.

In January 2016, Emily Buchbinder became the Council chair.

We accept anyone who is interested in expanding their estate planning knowledge. Our members are made up of about 75% attorneys, and the rest a variety of financial disciplines, including paralegals, CPA, Trust Officers, Individual Fiduciaries, Insurance persons, Investment Advisors, Health Care Professionals; and, persons involved with mortgages.

We meet at DeLaveaga Golf & County Club Restaurant on the third Wednesday of each month from October – May (8 meetings a year). Sign in is between 7 – 7:30 a.m. Everyone introduces him or herself and the speaker normally goes from 8:40 a.m. until 9:30. The cost is currently $15.00 for breakfast (all of which goes to the DeLaveaga restaurant. There are annual dues of $15.00 to cover the costs of copying all the handout material and the speaker’s breakfast.

The topics we covered in 2015 included:

• Has Your Estate Plan Killed Your Client’s Title Insurance?;
• Highlights of the January Meeting of the Heckerling Institute on Estate Planning;
• Income Taxation of Trusts and Estates: Fundamentals Every Estate Planner Should Know;
• Observations from the Bench;
• Medi-Cal, Expanded Managed Care, and the Coordinated Care Initiative;
• Advanced Planning with Trusts;
• Fiduciaries and Firearms; and
• Does Luke Skywalker Go to the Dark Side and Become a T&E Litigator? (And Other Recent Developments).